Glass Coat Finish

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Glass Coat Finish

We can offer you our unique glass coat finish ceramic coating for your cars paintwork to give it a lasting glass finish protecting it from the elements. This coating has high durability and toughness and also a resistance to chemicals, washing and light scratching damage. Depending on the condition of your cars paintwork we shall advise you on the amount of machine polishing it may need to transform your vehicle’s appearance. A minimum of 50 hours will be spent attentively going over your car polishing out and correcting all the defects and imperfections before coating and protecting your vehicle throughout. We also have a selection of available bolt-ons that can be added to the package as well please contact us to find out more regarding this service.
glass coat finish
Features and Benefits of our Unique glass coat finish:

  • Very high durability
  • Produces a distinctive glass like finish
  • Creates a unique, Natural hydrophobic effect
  • Unique surface smoothness
  • Creates an enormous layer of hardness
  • Produce a flawless, clean finish
glass coat finish
We have detailed many cars from Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Tesla and Ferraris etc and coated them in our unique glass coat finish.  This coating has a likeness to glass and looks absolutely stunning turning cars into mirrors and protecting the finish. This detail normally takes around three days to complete, if you would like any further information on this coating then please give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website. We also have some more videos of cars that have been coated in our unique glass coat finish on our YouTube Channel.  Share Follow or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking on the button below and see some more nice cars that we have detailed at Top Car Detailing.


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