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Seeking ‘Car Detailing Near Me’ in Liverpool? Explore Our Services At Top Car Detailing.

What is Car Detailing

Professional car detailing in Liverpool is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. Car detailing services in Liverpool are much more precise and labour-intensive than just getting a car wash or even a valet.






Range Rover fully fully ceramic coated at Top Car detailing St Helens North West


Protect the paintwork on your car, with our new car detailing and ceramic coating packages.

Machine polishing an Audi Etron


Remove swirl marks and scratches from your cars paintwork and restore it to a mirror finish.

New Car Detail BMW M3


Total surface protection, for your vehicle with our ceramic coating service. 

Why Car Detailing

Detailing is more than just washing your car, as it involves cleaning, correcting and protecting your vehicle. Car Detailing involves deep cleaning your car, both interior and exterior, to get it to a standard where it looks the best it possibly can, sometimes known as ‘Showroom Condition’.

Who is Top Car Detailing

Top Car Detailing Liverpool is a professional car detailing company with over 25 years experience of car detailing, paint correction services and ceramic coating services in Liverpool providing the ultimate finish for our customer’s cars.

Our claim to be the leading Liverpool car detailer is one that we are confident in. If you would like to get free advice on your car detailing requirements, submit your details to the form below for a quick and informed response, or give us a call on 07845 704 487.

More Information About Car Detailing in Liverpool

Hoping to give your car a fresh look and to get it back to that original showroom finish? You’ve found the right place here at Top Car Detailing. When it comes to car detailing Liverpool look no further than our services.

We have over 25 years of industry-leading experience in the field of car detailing and valeting and have never had less than complete satisfaction from our fantastic customers throughout the years. We are located to serve car owners from all over the North-West, meaning that if you’re looking for car detailing Liverpool or the surrounding areas, we should definitely be top of your list!


Car Paint Correction Services in Liverpool

If you’re tired of looking at your car’s paintwork and wondering how it lost so much shine and pizazz, then check out the paint correction service that we offer here at Top Car Detailing. We can remove swirl marks, screatches and holograms from your car’s paintw, and restore it to as good as new. Our services will give your car a commanding glisten to light up the roads in even the dullest of conditions.


Barry did a superb job on my car. I took it in for a new car detail inside and out and the results are fantastic. The paintwork really pops with the Zirconite coating. An excellent service and highly recommended.


Took my car to have the Maxton body kit fitted and Barry did a fantastic job on it. Top class service and nothing was to much trouble. He was very meticulous in everything he did and the car looked amazing when it was finished.100% recommendation from me..👍👍

John Sharples


Want to see what we can offer you, Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your car detailing requirements.

Need To Know More About Our Car Detailing Services in Liverpool?

Look around our website and YouTube Channel to view some of our ‘before and after’ shots of cars we have applied our services to.

Our claim to be the leading Liverpool car detailer is one that we are confident in. If you would like to get free advice on your car detailing requirements, submit your details on the enquiry form or call on 07845 704 487. Alternatively, contact us via our email [email protected] for a quick and informed response.