Porsche 718 Boxter

Jul 19, 2018Our Work

The Porsche 718 Boxter came in for a paint correction detail and ceramic coating

The paintwork was in pretty bad shape on this car and would need a lot of machine polishing. The car had lots of swirl marks, scratches and holograms in the paintwork probably due to poor washing techniques.  As always, we like a challenge here at Top Car Detailing and the Porsche 718 Boxter needed a lot of work doing on it.  We had to clay bar the cars paintwork followed by a three-stage machine polish all the wheels were removed and coated in a ceramic coating. All the wheel arches were cleaned and treated as well, and all plastic trim this was treated as well. All the interior seating and carpets have also been treated with a range of products.  We also power washed the roof and deep cleaned all of the fabric as well for the Customer.  After all the work had been done it was time to coat the Porsche Boxter in a ceramic coating.


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