Mercedes AMG GLE 43

Jul 29, 2018Our Work

The Mercedes AMG GLE 43 came in for a major paint correction detail as this cars paintwork looked like it had been washed with a scouring pad.  The paintwork was in pretty bad shape on this car and would need a lot of machine polishing to turn this car around as it had suffered from swirl marks, scratches and holograms.

This car was only 6 months old but had probably been washed incorrectly from the start this is why it is important to seek the right advice before buying a car.  Are you looking to buy a new or second hand car if so give us a call as we can give you the correct advice and also advise you on the maintenance for your new car?

We specialise in Glass and Ceramic coatings that will protect your investment into the future.

We are Gtechniq Accredited and can offer you Gtechniq crystal serum Ultra with a 9-Year manufacturer Guarantee, if you would like any further information on these coatings then please get in touch.


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