Range Rover Sport HSE

Dec 30, 2017

We had a 10 year old Range Rover Sport HSE in for a paint correction detail, this car had lots of swirl marks and deep scratches in the paintwork due to poor washing techniques.

This particular car needed a lot of machine polishing due to the poor condition of the paintwork.  See the before pictures of the Range Rover Sport HSE as you can see the swirl marks and holograms in the paintwork.

The Range Rover Sport HSE needed a four-stage machine polish to remove all of the defects.  After this we did a diamond cut finish on all of the exterior paintwork and turned this car into a Mirror Finish.

At Top Car Detailing it’s all about the finish, restoring cars is what we do and using the very best products in the market place today to give your car long lasting protection.

We decided to feature this particular car within the portfolio to show what level of paint correction can be achieved, as we turned this car from a swirled mess to a Mirror Finish.

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