Mercedes S350 unique glass coat finish detail

Feb 27, 2016

This Mercedes S350 came in for a paint correction detail and our unique glass coat finish

The Mercedes S350 needed quite a lot of correction work doing on the car due to swirl marks and scratches in the paintwork, the car had been to a car wash on a number of occasions.   I see this regular on numerous cars that I have detailed that’s why its most important that you wash your car in the correct manner.  Overall I had the car for three days due to the amount of defects in the cars paintwork, the Mercedes needed a four stage machine polish to remove all the defects and bring it back to a mirror finish.  After doing all of the correction work it was time to coat the car in our unique glass coat finish this is quite popular with my customers.  The glass coat finish protects the cars paintwork long-term and makes it less maintenance when it comes to washing.  The reason I use the glass coat finish is that it enhances the car’s looks and also creates the ultimate mirror finish making the car stand out from the crowd.  If you would like this coating on your car then contact me today at Top Car Detailing were we are happy to help and advise our customers on the best way to protect their cars.

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