Jaguar XE

Nov 26, 2016

Jaguar XE Glass Coat Finish

The new Jaguar XE came in for our unique glass coat finish detailing package as the customer wanted his car to be fully protected long-term.  I have coated many cars in our unique glass coat finish as lots of our customers like this as it give a brilliant long lasting mirror finish to the cars paintwork.  The glass coating on the Jaguar XE has a hardness of 9h witch will give a high level of protection to the vehicles paintwork as well. If you would like to find out more about our glass or ceramic finishes for your car then fill out the contact form on the website or give us a call as we can advise you on the best coatings for your car.

Customer Testimonial

MR Scot Kramer

I contacted Barry for information on detailing my new car. He invited me down to his unit to explain what the whole process involved and through his knowledge and attention to detail i agreed straight away to have my car done.
The results were amazing and worth every penny , if only id known him earlier I would have had all my previous cars detailed.

Im even considering having my Honda Fireblade coated. First class service by a top guy. Thanks again Barry

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