Oct 24, 2015

The Jaguar F-TYPE came in for a single stage machine polish followed by Gtechniq Crystal Serum the car looked amazing after having this treatment. The crystal serum coating protects the cars paintwork long term and also features hydrophobic qualities making washing the car much easier and comes with a seven-year guarantee.

There are only thirty-three detailers who are accredited in the UK to apply crystal serum as it is a specialist product to work with. I have attached a photo gallery with the before and after pictures of the Jaguar F-Type this was an amazing car to work on and you can see the quality of work that has been done on the car to achieve the ultimate finish.

At Top Car Detailing I can now offer Gtechniqs flagship coating Crystal Serum to my customers and clients across the North West. If you would like your car to stand out from the crowd then contact me today and find out more.

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