Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

Jan 1, 2017

Ford Mustang 50 GT

The Ford Mustang 50 GT came in for the Gtechninq crystal serum detailing package as the customer wanted to have his car protected long-term making it less maintenance plus the benefit of this package is easier washing and the coating offers years of chemical and scratch resistance.

The Ford Mustang 50 GT is the third Mustang that has come in for the Gtechniq crystal serum detailing package, it is quite important when buying one of these cars to have a ceramic coating on it as the paintwork is very soft.  Take a look at the pictures of the car from arriving for the detail to the end results,

if you are buying one of these cars contact us first and find out why its better to have your car detailed by us, as we can offer you the very best coatings to protect your cars paintwork long-term.

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