Ferrari 550 Maranello

Dec 28, 2016

Ferrari 550 Maranello Paint Correction Detail

The Ferrari 550 Maranello came in for a paint correction detail as this car is 18 years old and was covered in swirl marks and minor scratches.  We had to put more than 48 hours of machine polishing in to correct the cars paintwork and bring it back to a mirror finish.   We also used a very special coating for this car as and there are only a handful of detailers World Wide who have access to the Kamikaze Enrei coat and ISM Professional. After receiving the paint correction detail, and applying the coating we made the Ferrari 550 Maranello look even better than a brand new car would look in a showroom today.

Are you looking to have your car detailed if so give us a call and see what we can offer you we cover the North West & Cheshire and can offer you these fantastic coatings protecting your car long term.

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