Classic MG RV8 Detailing

Mar 26, 2016

The MG RV8 came in for a paint correction detail after being stored in a garage in Japan for 17 years my client wanted a full restore as this car would be going to auction

The MG RV8 had been purchased by one of my clients and imported back to the UK from Japan where it had resided for 17 years by an MG collector who mothballed the car.   This car was 14th from the last on the production line in 1995 and is in good condition for its age the car has only done around 14000 miles from new, this will defiantly become a collectors item in the future.

After doing all the machine polishing on the car to remove all of the defects and bring the car back to a show room finish I decided to the best option for this car would be to use the world’s best polish  to give it lustre in the paintwork.

The MG RV8 also had a full interior valet and all the leather was treated and fed as well, bringing it back to how it would have been when it came out of the factory.

The engine bay was also detailed on the car as well to prepare it for auction.

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