Jan 1, 2016

Audi S5 Glass Coat Finish

This Audi S5 came in for a paint correction detail as it was full of swirl marks and minor scratches in the paintwork also there were some stone chips that needed touching in as well. This Audi S5 was nearly 8 years old and had 50,000 miles on the clock not bad for a car of this age but up close there was a lack of clarity in the paintwork and this would need quite a lot of machine polishing to bring it back to a mirror finish. I use lots of different techniques and using the right equipment pads and compounds is a skill on its own. After all the paintwork had been corrected on the Audi S5 it was time to move onto the next stage for the glass coat finish this is a time critical process. I have detailed lots of cars and find that it’s one of the most popular packages that my customer seem to choose as it protects the paintwork long-term and it makes it easier to wash the car with less maintenance. If you drive an Audi S5 or would like your car to stand out from the crowd then contact me today and find out more.

Customer Testimonial

Hi Barry
It was a pleasure meeting you, the car looks absolutely stunning l have lost count the amount of head turns l have had while driving.
I can’t thank you enough for bringing my car back to life, l will highly recommend you for your quality to detail and excellent service.
Thank you once again Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Kind Regards

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