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Vehicle Detailing Services

Top Car Detailing offers a wide range of car detailing services. We take great pride in looking after a vast array of cars including sports, prestige, classic and supercars…the list goes on. We work from our dedicated studio in St Helens, but can also work remotely on request.

Car Detailing Services
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Are you looking to improve the finish of your car?

Whether you:

  • would like to protect your new vehicle
  • need a major renovation of your cars paintwork to repair existing damage.
  • you desire a show winning and unique mirror finish that will turn heads as you pass by
  • or you just need to prepare your car for the winter months,

Our car detailing services below are available on all cars. Prices and exact specifications will vary depending on the current condition of your car, but we will be up-front and honest about all the options before we begin any work.

Our services are available for any vehicle:

  • Brand-new cars
  • Slightly older vehicles that require some paint correction
  • Older classic cars
  • Cherished marks.

Older cars may need a complete paint correction before being finished in one of our fantastic coatings. Barry has years of experience and will be able to advise you clearly on what your vehicle requires to get that paintwork gleaming.

Paint Protection

The coatings we offer will protect your car long term and enhance its appearance. Take a look at the services offered, if these don’t quite suit what you are looking for be sure to contact Barry who can find a solution for all your detailing enquiries.

Paint Correction

Our specialist services include paint correction techniques from swirl removal, paint enhancement and wet sanding, with our aim being to bring your cars paintwork back to a mirror finish.

Glass and Ceramic Coatings

We also specialise in glass and ceramic coatings protecting your cars paintwork long-term with less maintenance and easier washing techniques, giving you more time to enjoy your car.

If you’re looking for a professional car detailing service, that can offer the best quality work in the North West, that have the skills and expertise to detail your car to the highest standards contact us today.

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