BMW M4 Crystal Serum Ultra

Apr 6, 2018Our Work

One of our customers had just bought a new BMW M4 and was looking to have his car detailed and protected in Gtechniq crystal serum Ultra.   After having a discussion we decided that the Gtechniq crystal serum Ultra would be the best option as the customer was looking to keep his new BMW M4 for a long time.

Gtechniq crystal serum Ultra is a 10H ceramic coating that has a resistance to acid bird droppings and scratches.  We also applied Exo V3 over the top of crystal serum Ultra, as this coating has hydrophobic qualities that resists dirt and grime also making it very easy to wash your car as well.

We are Gtechniq Accredited and can offer you this coating with a 9-year manufacturer Guarantee giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is fully protected against the elements.

We are available to answer any questions regarding Crystal Serum Ultra, please get in touch if you would like to discuss your car detailing requirements.


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